Building Oracle 19c Docker image

Disclaimer: At this time Oracle has not released yet an official distribution for Oracle RDBMS 19c on Linux/Windows/Mac.

But with Docker everything is posible, first public release off 19c is for Exadata platform available on Edelivery.

Directo download Oracle 19c zip file

To build your Oracle RDBMS 19c Docker image just clone my GitHub repository docker-images:

put your downloaded zip file V981623– at 19.2.0 directory and run:

sample output of build process

check your built image with:

note the image size, less than 50% of previous release 18.3.0-ee!!

Finally test your Database using:

and that's all you will get Oracle 19c up and running on Windows/Linux/Mac, use this image for testing purpose and to see new features,.

Note: Unlike my previous post which describes how to make a 18c Docker image using Exadata download, this new release do not requires library patch for skipping Exadata check.

Finally how 19c works on my Ubuntu notebook? Perfect!!! and fast!! good job Oracle RDBMS team, here a sample output of OEM Express

OEM Express edition up and running

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